The Turban Times

In December 2014, my wish to bring change to the (IMO) very black-and-white and extremely simplified way of looking at the Middle East region and its peoples here in Scandinavia/Europe/the West was to be materialized when I came up with the idea of launching a blogazine project with the aim of bringing to light stories and perspectives from the region that don’t usually reach these parts of the world and thereby promoting a more balanced and nuanced view of the wider MENA region and its peoples.

The Turban Times is a blog-based web magazine, of which I am the founder and Chief Editor, focusing on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia – from Morocco to Afghanistan, Turkey to Yemen – where our bloggers publish everything from travel stories, historic, cultural, and political entries, analyses, reviews and recommendations, and much more – all with an emphasis on its peoples – within topics ranging from youth, culture, human rights, Feminism, LGBT, activism, and more.

All of our bloggers work with the region on a daily basis through their education, work, etc, and most originate from their country of focus and speak its language(s) and travel to the area regularly and therefore have a unique insight to the respective country’s society and culture(s). Although each blogger has their own focus, they also write about the MENA region in general. Read more about each writer here.

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