The Turban Times

In December 2014, my wish to bring change to the (IMO) black-and-white, extremely simplified way of looking at the Middle East region and its peoples here in Scandinavia/Europe/the West was to be materialized when I came up with the idea of launching a media project with the objective of bringing to light stories and perspectives that don’t usually reach these parts of the world and with that promote a more balanced and nuanced view of the wider MENA region and its peoples.

The Turban Times is an award-nominated web magazine, of which I am the founder and chief editor, focusing on the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia – from Morocco to Afghanistan, Turkey to Yemen. Ranging from media professionals and academics to citizen journalists, activists, bloggers, and artists, our volunteer-based team consists of passionate storytellers from all backgrounds – each with their own focus, all with an objective of sharing untold stories and perspectives that they deem important to the wider public.

Our mission is to create a platform for intersectional dialogue and promote understanding in cultural meetings and human-bearing stories from the MENA region.

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