Who am I?

As you’ve probably figured out by now, my name is Masih Sadat. I’m 25, born and raised in (the suburbs of) Copenhagen, Denmark, with parents originating from KabulAfghanistan – which makes me a “hyphen-Dane” (yes, that’s what we call it here). At the moment, I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree in Hebrew, Middle East Studies at the University of Copenhagen (by now, my Hebrew is almost as ‘good’ as my Persian), after which I’ll be taking my master’s within the same field.

What do I want?

Occupied with what’s going on in the Middle East region, specifically Palestine-Israel, and with a passion for (impact and human-focused) journalism, my goal is to combine and work within both fields. My impatient self wasn’t going to wait until after my studies to materialize this wish of mine, so in December 2014 I came up with the idea of launching a media project with the objective of bringing to light stories and perspectives from the wider MENA region (From Morocco to Afghanistan, Turkey to Yemen) that don’t usually reach these parts of the world. And so today, I am the founder and chief editor (sounds fancy) of a so far succesful Middle East focused, award-nominated web magazine called The Turban Times, where we (a team of mainly young bloggers and journalists from Europe and the Middle East) aim to promote a more balanced and nuanced view of the region – “The Middle East as you don’t know it”. A recurrent theme in the journalistic and dialogue related projects I’m involved in focusing on Jewish-Muslim relations and the Middle East on a cultural, academic, and NGO level.

And this site?

On this blog, I’ll be sharing everything from travel stories from mainly the Middle East, Palestine-Israel – where I have lived and travel to regularly – to writings focusing on human rights, migrationsociety, and minorities in Scandinavia/Europe and the wider MENA region, in addition to entries on the progress of my work as a bearded journo naively involved in attempting to build bridges and establish world peace through dialogical and journalistic methods.

فارسی (دری)

Feel free to contact me for questions and other inquiries