Ambassadors for Dialogue team in Amman, Jordan
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The beginning of a beautiful journey

A beautiful, inspiring and mentally exhausting 10-days journey in Jordan with the new generation of Ambassadors for Dialogue has now passed.

What we worked on here in our group throughout our stay – training ourselves and others in dialogue to enhance understanding of one another and prevent conflicts – may seem so ridiculously pointless right now considering that 100 km all around us there are groups just like ours who instead are planning to kill and destroy; West to us, there’s the brutal, ongoing occupation of Palestine. In the north, the bloody Syrian conflict. In the east, Iraq and then Afghanistan. And in the south, Yemen is being bombed. Depressing and hopeless, but maybe it is precisely in the world where dialogue seems so hopeless, that it becomes so extremely important.

What is sure is that our journey has just started and there is still a long way to go. See you in Denmark soon, friends!

Photo by: East & West Center مركز الشرق والغرب.

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