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Denmark’s Afghan community comes together to condemn violence and extremism

Originally published in Global Voices and Opinionen (in Danish)

In light of deadly attacks in Afghanistan, France and other parts of the world, people of Afghan origin and descent in Denmark are voicing their solidarity with victims and frustration over the continued violence.


One example of this was when several Danish-Afghan associations joined together last month, in front of Christiansborg Palace in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen, to commemorate the many innocent people worldwide that in the past months had lost their lives to attacks orchestrated by ISIS, the brutal group that has taken over swathes of Iraq and Syria.

The coordinated shootings and suicide bombings in Paris in November, which left 130 dead, “opens yet another wound in the already bleeding hearts of Danish Afghans,” read the central message of the demonstration. “For they are precisely the ones who are familiar with the murderous works of the extremists.”

Just four days prior to the Paris attacks, the province of Zabul in Afghanistan was also hit by bloody violence. There, seven Afghan civilians, mainly children and women, were executed by militants reportedly affiliated with ISIS.

The ‘Tabassum uprising’

Although it’s certainly not the first spate of violence to erupt in war-torn Afghanistan, where extremist militant groups such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda and now ISIS have a presence, this latest incident caused Afghans around the world to speak up and mobilize, including in Denmark, home to several thousand people of Afghan origin or descent.

Afghans all over the world were using the hashtag #Shukria widely on social media.


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