Masih Sadat interviewing Norman Finkelstein in Copenhagen, February 2017.


Israeli and Palestinian women: It's time for peace

Activists from the movement Women Wage Peace continue their struggle for an end to the conflict. After a successful 20,000 strong march in October consisting of Palestinian and Israeli women, the movement is now growing even stronger and becoming more hopeful.

Opslået af Social TV – International på 5. december 2016


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  • 18.08.15 – DR1, Aftenshowet: “ARABISK FILMFESTIVAL”, invited in to talk about our Arab film festival in Copenhagen and the film screening and workshops I was coordinating for the screening of “Dancing in Jaffa”, coexistence in Israel


  • 14.12.17 – Radio24Syv, Mikrofonholderen: “Min fjende, min ven” – invited to talk about my travel experiences in Israel and the Palestinian Territories
  • 06.12.17 – Radio Shalom: “Jøder i Egypten” – invited to the Danish branch of Radio Shalom to along with two fellow students to talk about our ‘Jews in Egypt’ project
  • 22.02.17 – DR P1, Arabiske Stemmer: “TV om arabere til israelere” – invited to a Danish radio programme, “Arabiske Stemmer” (Arab Voices), where I was interviewed about my internship with Israel Social TV in Jaffa, Israel, focusing on the Arab minority in Israel, Jewish-Israeli leftist activism, and Jewish-Arab relations in Israel

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Interviewing coordinator of “Zochrot”, near Jerusalem